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Bigs & Littles

Art and play for toddlers and their big people. This 45 minute class includes a story time or a sing along and all the fun of an art project with your favorite person, but no stress about the mess!

*Walk-ins welcome, but space is limited. You may register through the store to guarantee space for your child. Try out Bigs and Littles for free! Contact us for details.


Multi-class cards are now available for purchase through our registration page! Purchase 4 classes and receive a fifth class for free.


Ages 2-4. Each class is 45 minutes and includes all art materials, $10.00.

Mondays from 10:00 - 10:45 am.

Toddler painting

Art Starters: Drawing & Painting

Love Your Place: Landscapes

Spring is finally (officially) here, and it is time to get the art outside! In this class we learn to create landscapes from observation and memory. We’ll go over several tricks artists can use to make landscapes look more realistic. Plus, we’ll learn when it is time to leave realism behind and go for dramatic effect! We will work outside, create a 3-Layer Landscape in three dimensions, and a high-contrast pastel painting that will stand out from across the room.


Our most popular class, Drawing & Painting, helps students build their visual vocabulary and technical abilities. Learning to draw new things gives young artists more options for their art work. Developing new techniques with paint can be the difference between a muddled mess and a brilliant piece of artwork. And of course we try out a variety of media, such as ink, watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal.


image credit: Dunes by Phil Lewis


Ages 5-9. Each session includes 6 classes and all art materials for $110.

Choose your Time:

Tuesdays, April 11 - May 16 from 4:30-5:30 pm.

Tuesdays, April 11 - May 16 from 5:45-6:45 pm.



Masters in the Making: Drawing & Painting

Out There: Landscapes

From van Gogh to Claude Monet to Thomas Cole to Sesshū Tōyō, many of the most famous artists were masters of landscapes. Every kid has been drawing and painting landscapes since they were able to pick ups pencil, but in this class we learn about the nuances that have fascinated artists throughout their careers. We will work outside, create a mixed-media weaving and painting, and a Landscape: Extreme Foreground Edition production. Which is a landscape with an extreme foreground.


Drawing & Painting for older students focuses on more advanced techniques and concepts. We will learn the skills needed to make drawings more realistic and the tricks that bring paint under control. As in the Art Starters program, students will have the chance to work with a wide variety of media.


image: Central Park by Lamar Dodd


Ages 9-13. Each session includes 6 classes and all art materials for $110.

Thursdays, April 13 - March 18 from 5:45-6:45 pm.


Homeschool: Art in Everything

Spring Plant It

It’s the time for plants to get out there and do their thing! We will make planters out of several different materials, including clay and learn to paint a landscape from observation. At the end, the students will be able to bring their plants home and watch them grow!


(image courtesy of; Fibonacci Circle Spirals by Susan Happersett)


Ages 5-13. Each session includes 6 classes and all art materials for $110.

Thursdays, April 13 - March 18 from 2:00-3:00 pm.


Home School outside

Eyes on Art: Modeling Forms in Paint

Adults will increase their mastery of handling the brush to model forms with paint. Using tightly controlled color palettes, students will learn to render value accurately and use brush strokes to create convincing illusions of space in their paintings.


In this class we will delve into the foundations of creating strong works of art. From the classic elements and principles to focused observation, this class is intended for students who want to push their art making skills.

Ages 14+. Each session includes all art materials for class, although students will be expected to have some supplies for working at home. $125.


Wednesdays, April 12 - March 17 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm


Chris Beaven Gouache Still Life